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Kotanical White Essential Oil Diffuser



Size: 125ml

Black Stone Oil Diffuser

This black stone oil diffuser is a sophisticated way tobring refreshing, revitalizing and relaxing scents into your room, creating whatever atmosphere you desire for working, entertaining, or chilling out.

The black diffuser is a statement piece which will contrast– or complement – most colour schemes. With the porcelain covering giving thediffuser a matte appearance, the diffuser is sophisticated and noticeable as apiece of home décor. The internal part of the diffuser is made from BPA-freeplastic, which is protected by a black porcelain cover, making it a statementfeature for any room.

With additional features such as an LED light which adds acandle-like glow to the diffuser, this piece can enhance the ambience andatmosphere in any room on a number of levels. The misting and light features can be used simultaneously or you can opt for one without the other to suityour needs.

The handcrafted, ultrasonic diffuser is easy to use and easy to clean. Presenting as a sleek piece of home décor, the stone oil diffuser isa safer, subtler, and more cost-effective alternative to scented candles and traditional oil burners.


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1.Make sure the diffuser is turned off before you remove the cover.

2.Remove the porcelain cover and internal plastic lid.

3.Fill the water tank with maximum 100ml of water, and 10-15 drops of your Kotanical essential oil.

4.Replace the plastic lid and porcelain cover before turning the diffuser on.

5.Choose your settings: you can select a consistent mist or intermittent scent bursts, and you can also choose to turn on the LED light feature which gives off a soft candle glow.or more information check out this online manual or speak to one of our experts for help.



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