Benefits of Compression Therapy

Speeds up Recovery

Compression Therapy has been proven to speed up recovery time as it gets the blood circulating throughout the body quicker - allowing you to get back to 100%

Increase Mobility & Flexibility

Compression therapy can reduce swelling that causes a restriction in joints. Arthritis & Lymphedema patients benefit greatly from regular compression therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

Compression Therapy can help reduce and control lymphoedema. It does this by limiting lymph fluid build up and helping the fluid move to an area that is draining well. It also provides support that helps muscles pump fluid away.

Fix 'it' Quick

Regular use over a consecutive
days speeds up recovery

Photo Martina Regan.


For Managing Joint Pain & Arthritis  –  Compression Therapy circulates the blood at greater pressure around the body.  User’s report increased range of motion in the knees, hips & shoulders after a 30 minute session.

Reduce Fluid Retention & Lymphedema – The idea behind compression therapy is to assist the tissue by applying pressure from the outside, which helps move the fluid into the lymphatic system, where it is filtered, concentrated, and returned to your body.

Photo Martina Regan.

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