Reduces Pain

Cold compression therapy provides more pain relief than popular, alternative interventions. Remember - Cold does not heal injuries - its helps with the pain

Combats Oxidative Stress

Cryotherapy can enhance antioxidant status, allowing the body to deal with free radicals more effectively. Cold water also allows you to build up a higher stress tolerance.

Strengthens the Immune System

Participants of cold water immersion had increased levels of IL-6, CD3, CD4, CD8 and activated T and B lymphocytes, suggesting a more active immune system.

Strengthens the Nervous System

The increase in fat burning during cold exposure is modulated by the sympathetic nervous system.

Support & Speed up Recovery

The physiological effects of cold therapy include reductions in blood flow, swelling, inflammation, muscle spasm, and metabolic demand.

Aids Fat Burning

Exposure to cold temperatures leads to increased levels of adiponectin, a protein that increases fat burning. Low levels of adiponectin are associated with obesity.


Aid Recovery  – Cold recovery has long been an integral part of the recovery process. After physical activity, the body recovers faster when exposed to cold. In addition, cold therapy reduces delayed muscle pain after a workout
Stress  Tolerance – Cold water helps stimulate the chemicals in our brain. These chemicals control our emotions, concentration and alertness.  Frequent cold exposure is the key to improving stress tolerance.
Burn Brown Fat – Has active adipose tissue with more blood vessels and a busier metabolism than white adipose tissue. The main function of brown fat is thermogenesis. Cold exposure is one of the most effective means of activating brown fat, and regular cold exposure is a very effective means of activating brown fat.
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