Floating for Longevity

Living is stressful & demanding in this day and age. People are overexposed to outside stimulation such as bright lights, loud sounds, advertising, – the list goes on. Being in a constant state of stress will lead to physical health problems. Getting into a float pod removes these external distractions. The body is able to enter into a deep state of relaxation to aid recovery and the mind can rest


Float therapy is a natural, drug -free effective form of wellness therapy. Proven to balance your chemistry, neurology, physiology.

 ‘Sensory Enhancement’ is proven to recharge your exhausted mind trying to keep up with the modern world.

Feel your brain shift into a low frequency Theta state that promotes deep relaxation and releases endorphins for a euphoric energy boost.


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3 x 60 - Minute Float Therapy Sessions

what will Floating do for You?


Float Therapy - Why You Need To Try It


Stress & Anxiety Reduction

With no light, zero gravity and no sound your central nervous system gets a rare break from s hectic work schedule or family life that never stops.
You’ll feel an increase of those feel good endorphins and a reduction of cortisol. Cortisol has negative effects on bodily functions, including altering immune system responses and the reproductive system
This change in mental state should be Experienced. Studies have proven that floating regularly can reduce cortisol levels and decrease blood pressure and improve overall mood


Pain Management

Studies of floatation therapy find simultaneous relief from physical pain and psychological distress, at the same time they experience improvements to sleep. The three are inextricably linked.

Research shows pain can be reduced by floatation therapy, and so can chronic, stress-related muscle pain and the depression and anxiety that accompanies it.

Research is finding that floatation therapy is effective in reducing muscle pain and the physical pain connected to psychological stress, including headache, neck and back pain.


Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis is almost always accompanied by sleep issues. Float therapy benefit two of the most common types of arthritis.
Arthritis results in pain, stiffness, inflammation, and restriction on mobility. They also lead to chronic difficulty sleeping, and the daytime fatigue that comes from losing sleep. Studies show that floating is effective in treating pain, increasing strength and range of motion in people with rheumatoid arthritis, and improving pain and function in osteoarthritis.


Improved Sleep

Evidence dating back decades demonstrates that float therapy can be effective in treating sleep problems, including insomnia.

Recent research has demonstrated benefits for sleep from floating. This 2014 study found significant improvements both to sleep amounts and to the quality of sleepin people who underwent a series of twelve 45-minute float sessions over a 7-week period.

In 2017 study found how float therapy alters brain activity in ways that mimic some aspects of sleep. Researchers used an EEG tool to measure brainwaves during float sessions, and found that floating led to a shift into a deeply relaxed state of consciousness.


Skin & Haircare

The high concentration of Magnesium in our float pods that gets absorbed through your skin can do wonders for your beauty routine.

Magnesium is a vital mineral, which is proven to be most effective when absorbed through the skin, as opposed to being digested. This makes floatation therapy the ideal way to get your regular dose.

Epsom salts, or Magnesium sulphate, even acts as a natural facial and all over body cleanser. Just by soaking in the highly concentrated water, you should notice less acne, blackheads and the re-hydration of skin cells, whereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


Pregnancy Support

With its sense of weightlessness and relief on achy joints and muscles, experiencing floatation therapy while pregnant can be a tremendous source of relief for expectant mothers.

The most obvious benefit of floating while pregnant is its inherent physical comfort. Almost all women experience aches and pains from carrying the excess weight of a baby, and the weightless sensation of a float tank provides immediate relief.

While most doctors have no concern with pregnant women floating during the second and third trimester, as with most new activities, it’s recommended to check with your doctor before your first float while pregnant.


For people on always on the go – Sometimes you need to take a break. Your mind & body will be better for it, allowing you to be at your best

Managing Pain & Injuries – Floating gives the body a break. Stress lowers, allowing he body to enter a healing phase quicker

People dedicated to Improved Performance – Floating allows you to get into a meditative state quicker – the best ideas & realisations  come with meditating


What will Floating do for You?

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