Relief from arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, inflammation and muscle soreness through float therapy have all been documented with regular float sessions.

Be pain-free without invasive or chemical methods

Plugging Out

You need time to Yourself. People are more connected than ever & its not always good. Floating offers a pathway to calmness & solace.

Floating is considered a amped up version of meditation with similiar benefits.


Sleep – Its something maany of us complain about the lack of. Floating for 1 hour is compared to 3-4 hours of regular sleep. Add that to the benefits of soaking in magnesium – powerful.

Sleep is the Number One cure all – Don’t lose out on quality sleep

Pregnancy Support

It can helps alleviate aching back pain, swollen ankles and sore feet, as well as joint pain, and exhaustion. And it's totally safe.

After birth, floating is a effective way to relax and recharge and can even help bridge gaps in a new mothers sleep schedule.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

With no light, zero gravity and no sound your central nervous system gets a rare break from s hectic work schedule or family life that never stops.

Instead you’ll feel an increase of those feel good endorphins and a reduction of the bad ones like cortisol

Clarity And Focus

Float research has shown the regular float sessions promote greater communication between the creative-side and analytical side of the brain. Great for problem solving

Big Game coming up? Need to figure out a problem at work? The Pod is an ideal environment to focus and think things through

New Customers Only!

3 x 60 - Minute Float Therapy Sessions

what will Floating do for You?


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A SALT team member will talk you through the whole experience and make sure you are fully informed, comfortable and relaxed. You will then enter the private luxury Orbit Float Suite to shower to ensure you clean of all oils, dirt, perfumes before your float.



It may take some time to get used to the unique environment of the Orbit so we encourage you to focus on your breathing to start. You may need to ‘reset’ to fully immerse yourself in the session. This is totally normal. Be patient with yourself!

Photo Martina Regan.


You will be notified your session is over by music in the pod. After your session, you will shower again to remove any salt and are welcome to enjoy your new state in our relaxation suite. A vanity area is available to dry your hair and after float care products are provided


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Avoid caffeine and other stimulants before your float so its easier for your body and mind to relax.


It’s best to have a light bite 60 to 90 mins. before your session, rather than floating with a full or empty stomach.


It’s fairly common to be aware of time while floating, try to return your focus to your breath. Our staff and the music in the pod will let you know when your session is over


Ensure that you are well hydrated before your session, but don’t drink too much right beforehand


There is no ‘right’ way to float, each and every session is different and it’s important to not get caught up thinking too much. Its the art of doing nothing after all.


If your mind is busy or any challenge with a unique environment, it’s helpful to focus on your breathing. Take deep breathes and keep your attention on that process.

Winter DEtox Bundle

1 x 60 - Minute Float Therapy Sessions
1 X 30 Minute Finnish Sauna or Infrared Sauna

Our most popular Combo Therapy for Winter

Photo Martina Regan.


No – Just you! We will provide bath sheets and luxury natural toiletries including silicon mouldable earplugs and Vaseline for any small cuts. We also have a vanity room with hairdryers and hair straighteners.

No. It’s best to float naked as swimming outfits can detract from the sensory experience.  Each suite is private with its own shower and changing area.

No, It is safe to sleep in the tank. Even those people who say they never sleep on their backs in bed, sleep on their backs in the float tank. It is very difficult to roll over during a session because of the density of the solution

Don’t ingest any stimulants (including coffee) for several hours beforehand. Don’t shave or wax since the saltwater can sting your skin. Eating a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes ahead of time stops your stomach from making distracting noises while you float.

Yes, absolutely without a doubt YOU will float – like a cork! The 10″ deep solution is so dense you are guaranteed to float regardless of your height or weight,

Yes.  Please just follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

You can exit at any point you wish

This varies from person to person. Most common ways are focusing on your breathing until you get used of your new surroundings

Our tanks are among the most hygienic systems available. The highly sterile salt water is 100% filtered between floats, as our tanks empty and refill for each float. A small amount of steriliser is added and the water is also sanitised with UV light.

Yes! There are many unique benefits that helps relieve the pressure and tensions on the body during pregnancy, while also providing a deeper connection to your child. We recommend confirming with your doctor first however

No, the spray tan or hair dye can leak into the water and damage the float tanks. You want to make completely sure that no dye is coming out of your hair in the shower or on a towel after washing. Leave a minimum of 48 hours after a spray tan before floating.

  • People that have infectious disease
  • Recently dyed hair or have had a spray tan
  • Open wounds & cuts
  • You have recent Tattoos
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