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Chronic Stress & Burnout At The Workplace

Chronic Stress & Burnout | The Next Pandemic?

Chronic Stress and elevated cortisol are today’s silent killers. Although small amounts of stress is perfectly normal, even good for us – chronic constant stress is harmful. Both at work and in our personal lives, the excessive use of screens and lack of sunlight (due to being inside for large parts of the day) are having an increasingly negative effect on us and inhibiting us from living happy, healthy and content lives.

Excessive cortisol is the hormone produced when we feel stressed. It disrupts the body’s most basic functions in the following ways: 

• Depression
• Fatigue
• Hunger
• Hostility & Mood Swings
• Migraines
• Insomnia
• Decreased Metabolism

So, what can we do to reduce chronic stress & excessive cortisol, even when we are working?

1. Get outside in the mornings/evening – Morning & evening light is crucial to our mood, sleep pattern & regulating our cortisol levels.

2. Walk in Nature – Often. People forget we are biologically animals. We need the basic to stay healthy as much as any animal. Woods, the beach, the seaside – 15 minutes a day is enough.

3. Get rid of things that cause you chronic stress – this includes people. You only live once, do it with energy & the people you enjoy.

4. Self-Care Routine – As simple as scheduling time for Yoga, a Float, Sauna, Reading a Book or Sea Swimming. When it comes to stress, prevention beats the cure every time.

5. Exercise – Whatever you like doing, do it. Run, lift, walk, climb. Moving the body is natural & your brain releases ‘feel good’ endorphins post workout.

  1. Supplementation – Ashwagandha, Fish Oil & 5-HTP have all shown to be effective in reducing cortisol while increasing serotonin & dopamine, the happy drugs that we all need to survive!

When it’s starting to feel overwhelming it’s already time to action before stress impacts your long-term health. It is a silent killer.

Know someone that needs self-care?

Check out our stress reducing therapies. Float Therapy is worth trying to see how it works. The ever popular ‘Winter Detox’ or ‘The Works’ bundles might be the reset you’re looking for.

Alternatively head down to us at SALT to take a chat about Chronic Stress and Burnout and find the best treatments to suit your needs. Avoiding stress is not possible, help with stress management & burnout

We’d be so happy to help you!


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