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Float Therapy For Pregnancy & Anxiety

Float Therapy for Anxiety

The lack of external stimulus such as light, sound & the weightlessness feeling you get while you Float helps. Float Therapy, A drug free & natural therapy in a modern setting will have you feeling less anxious & ready to take on whatever life throughs at you. If you’re dealing with Anxiety in the Galway area, come Float at SALT Float & Recovery Suites – Book today & see for yourself.

Float Therapy must be experienced.

Studies show that a single 60-minute session in a sensory deprivation pod was capable of a significant reduction in anxiety and improvement in mood in the 55 participants with stress- and anxiety-related disorders. Floating for Anxiety – is a powerful way to help you manage bouts.

Float Therapy Pain Relief – When you Float its unlike any other experience. Your body is at total rest which allows your mind to fully disengage & relax. This impacts the mind as to how it perceives pain. Many users report that they get releases which they have not felt in years – all because the body is in a total state of relaxation. Pain is stress. Float Therapy for Pain Relief works on a case-by-case basis. Book in today & see what Float Therapy can do for your pain management.

Float Therapy for Pregnancy

Being pregnant is not easy. There are lots of changes in a short space of time. The body always feels like it could do with a rest. Thankfully. Float Therapy for pregnancy work. Become weightless for 60 minutes & give your hips a break from carrying the ‘little bump’. Let the pod do all the work as you float. Unwind, reset, relax & come our fresher. One of the less spoken benefits of Float Therapy for Pregnancy increased mobility, putting on socks & shoes need not be so difficult!

Float Therapy, Dry Finnish Sauna Therapy & Compression Massage Therapy are powerful combinations. For brain health, Sauna Therapy combined with a Float is ideal to reset the mind.

For a tired body that needs rest & recovery, Combining Compression Therapy & Float Therapy in Galway is a must.

So, if you’re looking to rest & recover, get yourself to SALT Float & Recovery Suites in Galway. The number one Health Spa in Galway. Offering Corporate Wellness for all company sizes, Personalized Self-Care Memberships & a wide range 100% Irish retail products.

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