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Probably the single most effective thing you can do to reset your body and health

‘’Probably the single most effective thing you can do to reset your body and health’’

Dr Matthew Walker

When you visit SALT, we will ask you the reason for your visit. Not to be nosy but it helps us understand your ‘why’ & what needs attention.

Curiosity, Stress management, downtime or unplugging from work or personal life are common ones. The most common reason people visit SALT is for better sleep.

We do it every night (Or day for some of you shift workers). Many of us are not getting the quality or quantity we need. 

No one needs to be told the importance of sleep. People get it. 

A good night’s sleep is the foundation for your health. It impacts your nutrition (especially cravings), your mood, energy levels – you know all the things that make up a happy life.

We know we need to sleep; we know the impact it has but how can it be improved tonight? 1

Let’s look at two key aspects of Sleep – quantity & quality.

Everyone should get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  This is not even debatable on the current science. 

People will say they can function on X amount of sleep & they would be right. You can function – but not optimally, not even close.

We all the know that feeling after waking up after a good sleep. What’s good sleep? For most people this means

  1. They had 8+ hours in bed
  2. They slept consistently & didn’t wake during the night
  3. Full of energy in the Morning or feeling fully rested

Sleep is not one continuous block.

Sleep is separated into two main types: (1) rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and (2) non-REM deep sleep. 

Any of you with fairness trackers may be keeping an eye on this. Note there are sub-sections of both REM & Non-REM (for another day)

The ‘split’ of sleep looks something like the first half of the night being dominated by non-REM deep sleep; the second half of our sleep is dominated by REM sleep

REM sleep helps regulate our mood and emotions. 

Studies have shown an inverse relationship between REM sleep and all-cause mortality: the lower your REM sleep, the higher all-cause mortality.

Non-REM Deep sleep helps us retain memories. There is growing research on the link between limited sleep to Alzheimer’s & Dementia. 

And the data suggests that effective sleep habits reduce the risk of the diseases as we age.

During non-deep REM sleep our blood pressure & insulin levels are regulated

As you can see Sleep is critical to longevity. Our grannies were right – a good nights sleep is the remedy for many of life’s problems. 

So, tonight what can you do to get better sleep?

Light Exposure – Have you heard of our Circadian Rhythm? Its our bodies internal clock that has evolved over a few million years.  Getting light exposure in the morning & evening for even 15 minutes is enough to tell your bodies clock when it needs to sleep. Light is important first thing in the day or try work beside a window. Get the walks in!

Avoid Caffeine Late in the day – I know a cup of coffee is nice in the afternoon. But did you know the half-life of coffee can stay in your systems for between 6-8 hours. Depending on your sensitivity to caffeine & the dose it should be avoided so its not keeping you awake at night.

Cool Your Room or You – Your body like to naturally cool at night. It allows for a deeper sleep. Leaving a window cracked or bedroom heat off helps. This is the same reason hot baths; showers & saunas help with sleep. By rising your temperature before bed, it allows your baseline temperature to drop

Sleep Aids & Supplements – We suggest going the natural route as sleeping tablets bring their own set of problems. Magnesium (the same mineral in our Float pods) is very effective in helping people get to sleep – specifically Magnesium Bisglycinate.  CBD from the hemp plant has burst on the scene & is very effective for many users. AS always see do your own research & see what works for you.

There you have a quick run-down on sleep. 

Many of you reading this have already Floated & continue to float because how it positively impacts your sleep quality & duration.

And we know everything is better after a good night’s sleep. The tips above start working immediately.

If you having trouble sleeping lately, it’s time for a visit to the Float Pod or Sauna.

Wishing you a good long & deep Sleep tonight!

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