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Magical – The Benefits you can expect when you Float.

The first time I floated I wasn’t sure what I signed up for. I first heard of Floating through the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast – the testimony given by Joe Rogan made me curious – the Next day I went to the nearest Float Centre in Vancouver to book three sessions.

The experience was surreal & I felt fresh, energetic and even more curious afterward. I always carried a few knocks, had a shoulder and lower back problem – these pains were gone the next morning. Mentally I had this aura that nothing could get me upset and everything that normally got me in a fuss wouldn’t bother me. This was new – from that moment on I knew floating was for me. I felt greater clarity with my thoughts and my aches and pains were no more. A true break from the every day that leaves you feeling refreshed and revived every time.

Based on feedback from our initial customers and research we’re going to look at some most proclaimed benefits that you get from lying weightlessly in our private Orbit Float Pod for 60 minutes.

Read on! You might be surprised at what floating could do for you or a loved one.


Everyone is affected by muscle, joint or back pain at some stage. And getting through painful days and months is not easy. Each pod contains over 500KG of medical-grade Epsom salt. The salt which is rich with the minerals magnesium sulfate which helps

  • Reduce soreness & stiffness after intense exercise
  • Relieves lower back pain as there is no loading on the spine
  • Rare environment where your muscles are not engaged
  • Oxygenates the blood and increases circulation

People from all walks of life are using Float Therapy to relieve pain naturally and effectively. In many cases, people have ditched liver-damaging pain pills for a remedy more in line with ancient healing and rehabilitation. One of the most important aspects of Floating it will do no harm to you as it addresses mental or physical suffering.


 Sleep like a baby with the powerful effects of Floating

If you can get consistent quality sleep every night every aspect of your life would be better. This is something everyone tends to learn. Sleep is the foundation bedrock of overall health – longevity, mood, and recovery. If you’re not sleeping well, you are compromising your health. I’ll leave this to the expert – highly recommend you to check out Matthew Walker’s book on sleep absolutely frightening and packed full of knowledge at the same time.

Post-Float people report improved sleep for days & weeks after a Float. Several factors lead to this.

  • One hour of Floating is compared to getting four hours sleep
  • Your mind has rested – leaving you less stressed so you can fall asleep quicker and get into that deep recovery sleep.
  • Soaking in the Epsom Salt increase levels of magnesium in the body – a mineral many people in Ireland are deficient in.

Users who reported broken sleep for a prolonged month seen an immediate improvement post-float. Reporting full night’s sleep and no grogginess or tiredness in the morning. As the old saying goes – you can’t beat a good night’s sleep.


It’s the first thing people notice when they see you – your skin. Floating does wonders for your complexion leaving you with vibrant & fresh-faced. Stress leads to breakouts with acne and many auto-immune related illnesses such as dry skin & psoriasis can blemish our skin causing irritation and redness. Floating helps your skin by:

  • Softens and lightens the skin along with your leaving that after spa feeling every time
  • Exfoliates the skin to remove any surface toxins and harmful bacteria
  • Cleans pores while naturally cleansing your body.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body – its extremely durable and takes a beating every day through changing temperature & seasons on our beautiful green isle. Floating will have your skin glowing after every session. Let the compliments roll in!


Floating is preferred to the above option for stress reduction!

Stress – its something that we all deal with on different levels. If you don’t deal with it correctly stress will negatively impact all areas of your life. Back to the mind-body connection – if either is the mind or body is under stress; the good or bad type (Yes – there is such thing as good stress 😊) you need to deal with it before it impacts your health. Stress is believed to be related to a host of mental & physical illnesses.

  • The stress hormone Cortisol decreases after regular floating sessions of 6 weeks and up
  • People report a Zen-like post-float feeling where they are less irritable and feel happier with life overall
  • Across the board, people report feeling less moody, increase in overall wellbeing and having a more positive outlook on life

The research behind floating is very promising regards the positive impacts it’s having on people dealing with stress, anxiety & PTSD. Floating is a successful therapy for patients who have tried to deal with this through medication or other modalities.

The improvement people have seen in their lives due to consistent Floating cannot be understated. Floating addresses the mental & physical aspects together. At SALT we believe what’s good for the mind id good for the body and vice versa. The word ‘spirituality’ gets thrown around a lot, but we believe spirituality is the overall happiness of you. It’s like the synergy between both the physical & the mental. At the end of the day, we will all and should face challenges in our lives – its what makes people grow – a little assistance along the way helps.


SALT has a monthly Founding Membership plan if you or someone close could benefit from consistent Float Therapy.  Founding Float Memberships includes

  • 1 X 60 Minute Float per/month
  • Additional Floats for €55
  • FREE NormaTec Recovery Session or Finnish Sauna session each month
  • FREE 6th Float
  • FREE Floats for referrals
  • 10% of Hempture CBD & Kinvara Skincare

Head over to our website for more info here. Hurry though – we are down to our last 16 memberships at this opening price of €49 p/month. When they’re gone there gone!

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