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Its been a week since we closed the doors of SALT Float & Recovery Suites. We have been relatively quiet on social media since with a lot to think about and analyse as everyone moves through this unprecedented time.

As a new small business this was a major kick in the ba**s – but not a fatal one.  Naturally, there is a sense of worry and uncertainty in the air that is a shared experience across families & businesses.

Over the last 4 months, Nicola & I have been blown away by the feedback from our customers. Our goal at SALT is simple – ensure people feel better leaving SALT than before they arrived. We can proudly say this was being achieved every day. The benefits, while being personal & unique to each customer are evidently seen by them for the days after the therapy.

We have seen people from all areas come to SALT and get something from our therapies. Whether it’s the office manager who has a lot on their plate, the construction worker who’s had a grueling week of labour or the committed hobbyists who have been battering the body to achieve a better time.  They come back because they see improvement either mentally or physically.

From the first time we Floated we knew there was something to it. Now the people of Galway are getting to experience Floating & it’s benefits. SALT is not going anywhere 😊. It’s no more than a new challenge.

We are thinking of this as an ‘intermission’. Its not time to be wasted but a time to analyse & improve – tweak what we have already to bring more value to the customer.

Little did we think we would close twice in the last three weeks – first was a storm in Galway on February 29th followed by a global pandemic. What the fuck 2020? This is life – you can’t predict events unfold the way they do.

We are learning hard lessons fast – But it will not stop us grow our business to improve physical & mental wellbeing in Galway through ancient & natural therapies. When life gives you lemons & all that Jazz.

This ‘Intermission’ has given us time to work on SALT behind the scenes – we’re hoping to share some changes in the coming days/weeks. And no, we can’t bring the floats to you – even though I am sure some people could do with a Float now. A space to think clearly, a place to let the mind land on whats most important.

From looking at other businesses its amazing to see the innovation and changes to service delivery in such a short time. A total change to our ways of working for those still able to work.

I see gyms moving their members online and others providing equipment to their clients, so they get their sessions in. Yoga becomes virtual and now takes place in your living room. For others, the office has moved home so you can now work and mind the kids at the same time – what a time to be alive!

It will be interesting to see the long-term impacts of these changes. Change really does breed innovation. From the ways we work to the ways we interact with each other. I believe it will have a positive impact but the changes won’t be visible right away.

The worst of times tend to bring the best out of people and is easy to see right now. You meet people out walking and they stop and share stories – everyone happy to see someone else (Even if they are 2 metres away).

Neighbours have positive, joyful interactions whereas before they may not have spoken, apart from a polite nod in months. Families get closer, get to know each other a bit more. I have never seen it more evident in Ireland – people are going out of their way to help and be of some use. Amazing to see.

The below tweet from Naval Ravikant really drove this home. Think about this for a second. In our relatively short lives and what we know of history, there never has been truly global focus like this. We are applying ‘social distancing’ but I believe the world has never felt closer or more united.

Where there is darkness there is light. Everyone is a bit friendlier, more helpful, understanding – common struggles bring us closer. You can see this on our doorstep with some of the local Galway food & drinks businesses. They have been the epitome of kindness & sharing by supporting the front-line doctors/nurses & other essential services. You love to see it.

While this will end – there is going to be a lasting impact for the coming months and maybe longer. Who knows at this point? It will not be the same as before – this has shaken the world to its core. There has been damage done to the economy, people have lost jobs and there is more uncertainty to come.

So, let us continue being helpful & supportive. People will be understandably stressed and overwhelmed. Be aware of that. There is work to be done as the virus starts to fold. But if it’s like anything I have seen in Galway the world will come out stronger, more robust & better from it.

Normally this is the time to promote a service – not today.  SALT will be back when the time is right. I understand people want to continue as normal – buts this event is not normal.  Manage the essentials, look after yourself and look after your family.

Thanks to the heroes providing essential services to those who are sick – You are the backbone of the country right now and everyone else should be doing as they’re told to make their job any bit easier.

We look forward to opening the doors and seeing you again. The health of society trumps our business. After all, we promote improved Health & Longevity of our customers😊.

Stay Safe & Be Well.

Adrian & Nicola

SALT Float & Recovery Suites Team



    Had my first experience of saltfloat. I can only say it is worth every penny I suffer extremely bad with anxiety and thought I wouldn’t last 10 mins… I lasted the full hour. Cannot recommend it enough. I felt a million times better after it. Will definitely be back again soon

    1. Great to hear this Jennifer. The first float is usually one of the most difficult. Looking forward to seeing you back

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