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Welcome to SALT Float & Recovery! This is your ultimate destination where you can forget about stress. Indulge in luxury floating therapy and you’ll have a pampering experience. A spa visit will bring so many benefits you cannot even imagine. Floating is considered a wonderful solution for many health issues. Today, you have this chance to give yourself time to relax and de-stress. Take a vacation today and go for floating. Nowadays, life is really stressful and demanding. A lot of things make us feel distressed which also lead to physical health problems. So getting into a float pod makes us feel restored. Our body enters into a deep state of relaxation and our mind rests.

As a natural, drug-free, effective form of wellness therapy, float therapy is proven to be effective. It can balance your chemistry, neurology, physiology. If you feel exhausted and want something to improve your health, just opt for float therapy as it promotes deep relaxation and releases endorphins for a euphoric energy boost. Float Therapy helps with Pain Relief and is a great solution if you are looking for relief from physical pain and psychological distress. You will finally get rid of insomnia and improve your sleep. As a result, you will avoid pain and feel better day by day. Many studies of floatation therapy state that Float Therapy helps with Pain Relief and is a great way to reduce psychological distress. You will also reduce muscle pain, headache, neck and back pain.

If you are searching for an effective Sleep Management in Galway, you can again count on floatation therapy. Research shows this therapy can improve your sleep after a single float. Stress doesn’t allow us to rest so it leaves much impact on our health. The more we feel stressed, the worse we sleep. Researchers ensure that float therapy can be effective in treating sleep problems, including insomnia. So according to the study carried out in 2014, people who underwent a series of twelve 45-minute float sessions over a 7-week period could sleep better. In 2017, researchers also used an EEG tool to measure brainwaves during float sessions. What they found out is that one can enjoy a deeply relaxed state of consciousness due to this floating session. So if you are also on the lookout for a better Sleep Management in Galway then hurry up to contact SALT Float & Recovery.

Effective Pain Management in Galway starts with SALT. Take a break for yourself. After the therapy, you will notice that your mind & body will be at ease allowing you to be at your best. Believe it or not, floating can give the body a break. Stress won’t cause you any discomfort because you will finally enter a healing phase quicker. So consider SALT for Pain Management in Galway and see the results after the first session. SALT is always there to support you and give you the best value for your time and money. Thanks to floating sessions, you can also get into a meditative state quicker and achieve better ideas and mindset.

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