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Book your float now at SALT Float & Recovery and enjoy the best sessions ever. Whether you struggle with sleep, have aching muscles, feel stressed and anxious, floating is all you need for better health and emotions. Life is quite stressful and you should always find time for yourself in order to relax and feel healthier. Benefits of floatation are a lot and once you opt for this therapy, it can make you feel better mentally and physically. Use Float Therapy for managing Anxiety and forget about your hectic work schedule & life. Due to it, your body can reach a certain amount of relaxation, you will avoid reduced muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, as well as stress hormones. Float Therapy helps manage Anxiety and is a great solution if you want to feel an increase of endorphins and reduction of cortisol. Note that too much cortisol has negative effects on our immune system, digestive system, reproductive system and growth processes. So if you indulge in floating sessions regularly, you will feel much improvement as it will reduce cortisol levels and decrease blood pressure, as well as improve overall mood.

Floating is also considered to be a perfect Arthritis treatment in Galway. Arthritis is often accompanied by sleep issues. Arthritis brings a lot of pain, stiffness, inflammation, and restriction on mobility. It also results in chronic difficulty sleeping which itself leads to fatigue throughout daytime. Float therapy helps sleep better and enjoy uninterrupted rest. Due to these sessions, you will finally feel rejuvenated, refreshed and happier. Don’t lose the chance to give your joints, bones and muscles a well-deserved rest by taking floatation. It is effective in treating pain, increasing strength and motion in people with rheumatoid arthritis, and improving pain and function in osteoarthritis. Just get the best, natural therapy for Arthritis treatment in Galway and see the results yourself.

Also, take Float Therapy for Pregnancy and you won’t regret – either will your body. Whether you are pregnant or a new mom, floatation is something that should be in your bucket list. It will bring relief on your achy joints and muscles. All expectant mothers should go for floatation as it is a great source of relief. Carrying the excess weight of a baby is far from being easy and pregnant women feel a lot of discomfort during this period. They experience aches, pains and tiredness. That’s where floating comes to be so helpful. You will get immediate relief after this therapy but it is recommended to check with your doctor before your first float while pregnant. Relax the body with Float Therapy for Pregnancy and allow yourself to be at your best.

Long gone are the days when you had to feel so stressed and suffer from aches, pains, insomnia and discomfort. You are now just a click away from booking your float therapy. Simply visit the website of SALT Float & Recovery, choose the therapy type you need and concierge, pick the date and time and include other details that are needed for online registration. Hurry up to visit SALT and bee sure that you will come back again and again for more floatation sessions.

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