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Energy – You know that feeling of what it’s like to be alive?

Like, really alive in an energetic way?

That’s what Cold Plunging does to you.

If you are feeling low energy, slow to get your started type of person or general low energy that can’t be explained

You need to try a Cold Plunge or Contrast Therapy Session

PS: Being from Galway the Sea is your friend – It’s nice to have the Sauna to hop into after here at SALT 😉

We know that a huge energy boost comes from the norepinephrine you get from cold plunging.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick has shown in her studies that norepinephrine levels are shown to be 5x higher in people who regularly cold plunge.

It’s no wonder we feel alive & buzzing when we plunge!

Stress Tolerence – Mind over matter.

When we intentionally choose to stress our bodies,

Like a hard and sweaty workout, we expand our comfort zone, muscle definition

And master our minds, by doing something difficult

This can have a brilliant effect on our immune system.

We become stronger and healthier.

By training our nervous system through Cold Plunging, we harness mental and emotional resilience. 

You literally build up your Stress Tolerance

As always – You be the Judge.

Private Contrast Therapy sessions start at €49

Get your energy back!


Like Wim Hof says, “Get high on your own supply!” Plunging causes a huge boost in endorphins, which can reduce depression and improve overall mood. For Michael, this one has been one of the biggest reasons he plunges. “Starting my day with a Plunge is a huge mental shift. I feel much happier after Plunging. The endorphin boost is real.”

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