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Getting the Most Form Your Float

Over the last two years many of you have ‘Floated’ here is SALT. Like many beneficial practices it takes a few tries to get good at it.

Yes – doing nothing and being content doing nothing requires practice.

Let’s look at 5 ways that you can get more out of that treasured time in the pod – whatever your reasons are for Floating

Your Thoughts Don’t Just Stop

The biggest misconception we see once people get into the pod, all their thoughts and worries stop. This is not the case.

IF anything, they can be more pronounced. So how do you relax more?

You let your thought come & go. Do not dwell on them. This is the foundation of meditation. Yor thoughts don’t stop – but you do not have to engage with them

Depending on the day you’re having this could take 2 minute or 15.

Breathwork for the Mind

‘’Breathe Motherfu***’’ – Wim Hof

To relax the body, you first must relax the mind.

Good news is you can do this in under 2 minutes.

Once you lie back in the pod, get into your favourite position & you’re setting yourself up for a blissful 60 minutes.

Take deep breathes through the nose into the belly.

Ensure the exhale is longer than the inhale – Inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 8.

This prompts your nervous systems to relax and move away from an alert state.

Repeat this 10-12 times.

FYI – this is a great tool to use anytime you need to calm down or reduce stress.

For a lesson form Ireland Breathwork expert – Patrick McKeown.

Patrick is on today’s episode of ‘Meghann Meets’ with Meghann Scully on all podcast platforms.

PS: We still have copies of his latest book ‘Atomic Focus’ instore. A book busting with actionable advice & a nice quick read

Avoiding Stimulants

Whether you Float to relax your body or your calm the mind. Avoid using stimulants like coffee & energy drinks before a float.

Caffeine will keep you heightened state of awareness – not ideal if you are trying to switch off.

For better sleep, its recommended to avoid any caffeine after 2/3pm due to how long it can stay active in your system.

Be Patient with Yourself

Floating is a new concept. And its difficult compare it to anything else we experience often.

It’s the main reason people should Float ¾ times – you will get a real feel if this is for you going forward.

In that sense, its normal for your brain to be like – ‘What are you doing?!’
We are hyper-connected in this age even compared to 10 years ago.

Notifications, calls, working from home, family life – its hectic.
So when you do take time for yourself give yourself a chance. Be patient with yourself.

The thoughts will stop, the monkey-mind will calm down & you will leave feeling refreshed.

Floating is super-beneficial – I don’t have to tell many of you this.

We do it for different reasons. Some do it to relieve arthritic pain, improve skin complexion and hair condition and most importantly promote better quality sleep – the ultimate hack for improving your health.

Any other ‘hacks’ you use to get more from your Float? I’d love to hear them.

Seed Oils are in every house and they are poison – no Debate.

Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed oil, Vegetable oil – have you got these in your house?

If you don’t have them as an oil **guaranteed** they are in some of your food which are deemed healthy.

Check any salad dressing, mayonnaise, soup or even breads.

They all have seed oil in them as a cooking or preservative agent.

I’ll leave the fitness stuff to the experts, but the amount of ‘experts’ that share ‘healthy recipes’ with these oils is frightening.

Seeds do not produce oil – unless there are put through an industrial extraction process with the use of chemical solvents

In no way are these oils good for our body & are directly linked to chronic inflammation – the precursor to many auto-immune issues and modern diseases which have exploded since the 1980’s

Apart from good music, what else happened? The advent of mass-production of processed food whose shelf life gets extended seed oils.

It also became big business for the producers of these crops.

Before they had no use for these seeds until some genius figured it would be a good idea to process them & add it to everyone’s food.

See the video below to show how these processed oils are made. Do they look like healthy?

This is worth a far deeper look once you see 1) how common they are 2) the damage these do over long periods.

It’s a form of slow poisoning – far worse than excessive sugar because of what it can-do at a cellular level.

Check out ‘Deep Nutrition’. A great read (or listen) by DR Catherine Shanahan

And stick to Irish butter, Olive oil & healthy fats for cooking friends – it could literally save you from chronic disease

Our grandparents got lots of things right – especially when it comes to food!

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