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Float Therapy for Pregnancy, Float Therapy Pain Relief

Feeling pain is unavoidable but it can be treated naturally & effectively. opt for Float Therapy Pain for Relief and watch all your stress & pain dissolve away. SALT Float & Recovery Suites, directly of the M6 motorway in Galway, is here to help you! Pain can be physical or mental. From neck and back pains to migraines, arthritis, muscle tension, back pain, tension headaches, broken bones, and chronic pain. Float Therapy Pain Relief is one of the best treatments so you can get back to living a pain-free life.

Floatation Therapy in Galway, treated by the experts in holistic wellness you will feel no pressure on your muscles. Moreover, its proven to reduce stress, improve your sleep quality, and relive your pain a clinically proven way. Clients who experienced floatation therapy report many benefits. What will yours be? Our customers return to SALT Float & Recovery Suites for a reason – its works without the use of invasive therapies or drugs.

Stress is common and comes in many different forms. If you ignore this problem, many health issues will arise. Stress has ways of creeping into to every facet of your life. It’s a silent killer & probably the biggest killer in the world.

When you are stressed, your muscles tense and tightness & discomfort. That’s where floating comes in. Take up a session today and see that floating provides relief. You will avoid those achy muscles and tense joints and experience true relaxation in a float tank. You will forget about all your problems in highly concentrated salt water and have an experience like never before.

At SALT Float & Recovery, you will also get a very effective Float Therapy for Pregnancy. We all know pregnancy is not an easy journey but you can make it feel more comfortable. Go for this Float Therapy for Pregnancy and you will see how you much you relax. All the experts behind SALT Float & Recovery can relieve your symptoms related to pregnancy. Note that all pregnancy issues can interfere with your happy life but you will notice higher levels of improvement once you take this float therapy. Pregnant women will benefit due to the potential for magnesium absorption in the float tank and the fact that you become weightless for an hour.

SALT Float & Recovery offers many therapies that complement your float. Add a sauna, contrast therapy. Compression massage to enhance your experience.

A SALT team member will talk you through everything and ensure that you are informed, comfortable & ready to get the most from your session. You will enter your private luxury Orbit Float Suite to shower which will help you clean of all products, oils before floating. For your first float, you will need a few minutes to get used to the unique environment of the Orbit. Time to focus on your breathing and be patient with yourself. Use a vanity area designed to dry your hair. Book a session today and experience all of this yourself.

  • True Wave Carbon / Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters
  • Full Spectrum Heating Technology
  • Medical Grade Chromotherapy Lighting
  • Elegant Modern Italian Inspired Design

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