Totum Sport Electrolytes


Totum Sport has superior benefits including:

Complete Recovery and Hydration

Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up By 46%

Reduces the Risk of Muscle Injuries

Significantly Reduces Cramps

Enhances Strength, Speed & Stamina

Sustains Focus

Contains All 78 Electrolytes In The Correct Proportions

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A world-only solution containing 78 electrolytes that aids complete hydration & recovery.  Totum Sport reduces lactic acid build-up by 46%, increasing strength & stamina, and reduces the risk of muscle cramps.

Totum Sport replenishes all 78 electrolytes lost in sweat during strenuous exercise, keeping you training harder for longer.

One box contains 10 x 20ml sachets.

Why is it different? 

Most electrolyte solutions are filled with junk. Not ours. Totum Sport is a completely natural solution.

No artificial ingredients, no added sugars that cause an insulin spike, and no maltodextrin or fillers. No risk of stomach cramps or digestive issues when competing.


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