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Zero Gravity Pregnancy Support Bundle


The Zero-Gravity Pregnancy Support Bundle includes:

  • 3 x relaxing 60m Floatation Therapy Sessions
  • 3 x weight-reducing 30m Compression Therapy Sessions
  • A wellness consultation with Nicola to ensure your unique needs of your pregnancy are met.

The weightlessness feeling is what pregnant women crave, but you may not have known there are many health benefits to floatation therapy through your pregnancy. The below benefits are coming from a first-hand experience of what being pregnant is like.

Enhanced Sleep quality

Been pregnant especially when your bump appears it differently disturbs your sleep, from slowly moving from one side to the under to find a comfortable position,

I always find after my Floats my sleep for the next few nights has improved, as floatation therapy promotes a deep level of relaxation. I usually would be deep sleep within the first 10 minutes of my Float. (Note Iam VERY used of them)

Relaxation and Stress

Pregnancy can bring on stress levels of their own, so it is so important to keep your stress levels at bay for both you and your baby as we know you’re at baby can feel how you are feeling and being stressed will leave you feeling drained.

Floats promote  a calming relaxing experience for you for an hour to help reset and calm the nervous system.

Pain Management

Floating in a pool is recommended to help with pain during your pregnancy especially chronic pain. Floatation therapy takes it to a whole other level by providing that effortless feeling without engaging any muscles to hold yourself up. All in your own private space in silence.

Physical Discomfort

The buoyancy of the water helps alleviate the physical discomfort and strain associated with added weight of your pregnancy. The weightlessness feeling relieves the pressure from your joints, muscles, back and hips.

Mindfulness and Bonding

Floatation therapy environment allows for an increased mindfulness offers the opportunity for a pregnant women to connect with there bodies and growing baby.

It is so quiet and still while you are in the pod, you can feel every movement. It can feel strange at the start when it happens

Magnesium and Pregnancy

It is recommended that must pregnant women take magnesium throughout their pregnancy, so bathing it magnesium waterish thoroughly helpful with keeping swelling/ water retention down.

I have found this helpful with keeping cramps at bay at night-time that are common throughout your pregnancy especially in the second and third trimester.


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