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SALT Therapies – Consistency is Key

”Once, Twice, Three Times is the Charm…”

If You are on this email list you have likely ‘Floated’

Like all new activities or treatments, the first time you do it can leave you with more questions.
Floating falls into this bucket.

You are in dark room, with no external input, no phone, no notifications, no-one asking you to do something

It’s all you.

You are Floating in a zero-gravity pod with over 500 Kilos of medical grade Epsom Salt

Like anything that is beneficial to our long-term health  – consistency is the number one perquisite for results.

You can’t eat healthy for a week & expect results.

No one goes to the gym three times & expects to be a toned goddess or a lean-mean fighting machine, do they?

There are a lot of BS & lies on the internet.

The biggest being how quick you can get lasting results.

Looking after your health & wellbeing is no different.

Using our evidence-based therapies at SALT are no different.

Our members know this. Sometimes the Float or Compression session is just what the doctor ordered.

While you will see improvement after a single session, for lasting ;long-term results you need consistent

For you, that could once a month or every other week.

Depending where you are and what you are dealing with

If you are someone that has serious back-pain, arthritic problems or migraines you might need to get in 2-3 floats in quick succession.

Same can be said for severe break-outs of skin conditions & using the IF Sauna.

Looking for scheduled ‘Me Time’ each month? A monthly reset might be all you need.

To wrap this up,

1. If you are working on something mental or physical related to your health – decide where you want to be in 1/3/6 months.
2. Figure out what works for you & plan it
3. Stick to it – daily walks, sauna’s, yoga, floats, regular gym sessions
4. Look back & bask in your achievement!

Because what is the point of life if you cannot enjoy it at a high quality?

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