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What is the Lymphatic System and why is it so important for our immune system?

Probably the most forgotten system in our body. The one that manages the following transportation or oxygenated blood, removal of cellular waste & the movement of fluid.

The lymphatic system filters 3 litres of the 20 L of blood that the body recirculates throughout your whole body every day, and cleanses out all of the waste materials out of this fluid to avoid toxic build up, congestion, disease and infection.

When the Lymph system is not functioning correctly your body is literally congested.

This can happen for a number of reasons such as lifestyle factors, not consuming enough water or related diseases.

Over time it can create further health issues as the congestion of waste material and fluid.

This is a common and potentially debleating health issue as it progresses.

Over the last two years we have seen the pain and discomfort this can cause.

There is something that can help.

Compression Therapy provide results by mimicking the lymphatic system so it kicks back into gear.

Two things are happening while using in Compression Therapy.

1) You are simulating the lymph nodes to start working

2) Compression increases blood flow & improves circulation

By pumping blood from the arteries, veins and lymph systems straight to the heart, the body can efficiently recycle toxins –

Hence why you might need to use a bathroom after a session!

There is a list (long!) of benefits. Clients see effective results anything from 3-8 sessions.

With proper hydration, attention to food consumed and regular walking sufferers are seeing huge and LASTING improvement.

Benefits of Compression therapy

  • decreases swelling and inflammation
  • decreases muscle recovery time
  • reduces muscular pain
  • Increasing flexibility and circulation to joints
  • Efficiently removes wastes such lactic acid
  • improves first-stage varicose veins
  • promotes an efficient immune system

Other ways to support the efficiency of the lymph system

  • Adequate hydration
  • Cold exposure to promote efficient circulation and decrease inflammation
  •  Infrared sauna to mobilize and free up toxins from the fat tissue and organs
  • Lymph brushing (video attached)
  • Reducing intake of known food allergens, food sensitivities and processed foods

Please consult with a doctor to find out what support is best for you.

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