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The concept of Floating is relatively new in Ireland – Irelands first Float centre opened in 2015. In 2019. You can Float in Galway, Naas, Cork, Dublin with more on the way to Limerick. It’s no longer a fringe therapy. First developed in the 1950s by John C Lilly and made infamous on-screen by Minority Report and more recently the Simpsons. Floating is reaching every corner of the Earth. Why? Because people are benefiting from the lack of sensory input – weight, light, and sound. You won’t believe the benefits until you try it.

As people look for remedies to modern ailments such as stress, anxiety, PTSD & depression Floating has been producing astounding results. The fact that Floating involves no synthetic chemicals or invasive methods of delivery people want to try a natural and safe method to address their problems. Its aiding Floaters with muscle recovery, back and joint pain and helping them hone the mind for the next race or competition. What’s the most common benefit we hear? Your sleep quality goes through the roof. So the saying goes you cannot beat a good night’s sleep!

Old remedies and knowledge are old for a reason – they work! Listen to your granny next time😊. SALT is providing a modern way to deliver these benefits by having Irelands first Orbit Float Pods. People have been having baths with Epsom salt for 100’s of years. Magnesium Sulphate – the active minerals in all Float pods have been used to induce relaxation and remove tension/tightness from overworked muscles. Across cultures all over the world soaking in a warm solution is good for your body & mind.

So, it’s like an Epsom Salt Bath? Not quite. Add the benefits of having no external stimulus such as sound and light with weightlessness effect of Floating – you have the perfect environment where you can switch off, relax and give the non-stop monkey mind a break. We have never been so connected to information; you can talk to anyone – anywhere at the touch of a button. Were humans designed for this bombardment? Probably not. Its good to ‘switch off’. It’s amazing what a calm mind and some clarity can bring to any situation.

All our private Orbit Suites have been designed so the customer gets the most from each 60-minute Float session. People have different comfort levels and SALT understands this. It’s a rare environment and can take getting used to. Like driving a car for the first time – you have an idea what you’re doing but it’s not as smooth as you are after 2/3 lessons. Floating is the same. We recommend three sessions to give your brain a chance to relax and get familiar in the new surroundings.

Don’t want to be fully in the dark? We can adjust the lights for the duration of the session. Want music to be played throughout the hour? No problem. Afraid the pod might be claustrophobic? Orbits are one of the biggest pods on the market or you can leave the pod door open if you want – the room is fully heated and private. This is about YOU and your preferences.

To wrap this up – Floating is something that should be experienced. Our goal as a business is simple – have people leaving feeling better than before they arrived. Floating can be described but that feeling post-float can only be experienced. It’s a naturally effective way of helping the body & mind so you can be at your best for your family and work. You will be surprised by what you can find with some alone time.

To get you Floating SALT is offering 3 X 60-minute Float session for €130. We are giving the third one free so you can start your Float journey today at a greatly reduced price. This offer is only available to new customers. Begin your self-care today and book your time now. Peace and solace await!

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Next week we’re going deep on the benefits of Floating.

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