Float & Recovery

Full Body Compression Massage


Do you just want to sit back & relax? Wear some comfy clothes, sit back & enjoy the pressure of compression therapy

1 x 30-minute Full Body Compression session

  • Each session is fully private (unless you want to bring a friend)
  • Bring a friend for an extra €10
  • Sit back and relax in your private recovery suite with your very own recliners, books & Netflix

Your body will feel lighter & fresher!


If you’re an athlete looking to recover faster, or an arthritis sufferer seeking pain relief, or a lymphedema patient managing excessive swelling, our compression therapy treatment can help. With gentle pressure that improves circulation and reduces inflammation, our treatment promotes natural healing of the lymph systems and helps you feel your best.

Some benefits of Compression massage

  • Reduce swelling & joint pain. Boost your circulation and gets fluid moving
  • Promotes removal of lactic acid after heavy exercise
  • Boost healing. Better blood flow equals better recovery & rehab, it gets you back faster
  • Boost blood flow. Proper functioning circulation is key to avoiding cardiac related incidents

Book your session today and experience the benefits for yourself

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