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Contrast Therapy (Hot & Cold)


Revitalize Your Body and Mind in an hour with Contrast Therapy. Combining sauna heat and cold immersion has huge health benefits

A Contrast aka Hot & Cold therapy session may be the solution you’ve been looking for

1 x 60-minute Contrast Therapy session

  • Each session is fully private (unless you want to bring a friend)
  • Bring a friend for an extra €15
  • SALT provides everything you need including towels, slides, toiletries & private shower. just bring shorts or a bathing suit.

Your body & mind will never have felt as fresh

It the freshest & most invigorating therapy we have to offer. A real natural-high


Experience the invigorating benefits of cold immersion combined with a hot Finnish sauna, which can help improve mental clarity, reduce stress, speed up athletic recovery and enhance overall wellbeing. Nothing beats the feeling post plunge/sweat!

Some benefits of regular sauna use:

  • Improves mental resilience & stress tolerance. with standing high heat & cold water builds the mind – everything else feels easy afterwards
  • Provides natural energy boost. Unlike caffeine or stimulants contrast therapy provides a clean, steady & constant dopamine boost
  • Reduce chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is painful and drugs prescribed often don’t work, contrast therapy helps reduce this pain – naturally
  • Turn back the clock on aging. The anti-aging benefits of contrast therapy are immense, it improves skin elasticity, tones the tissue & gives a tighter looking complexion
  • Supports weight-loss. Contrast therapy can boost metabolism, improve circulation, and help burn fat, making it an ideal supplement to any weight loss efforts


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