Float & Recovery

Post-Race Recovery Bundle


Give back to your body with a post-event Contrast Session (Cold plunge & dry sauna) complimented by a full body compression session

Reduce Soreness, improve blood-flow, speed up injury rehab & reduce pain post race or event.

1 x 60-minute Full Body Compression Therapy

1 x 60-minute Contrast (Hot & Cold) Session

  • Each session is fully private (unless you want to bring a friend)
  • Bring a friend for an extra €59 (call for your preferred times)
  • SALT provides everything you need including towels, slides, toiletries, showers, just bring shorts or a bathing suit.

Your body will be back feeling fresh & ready to go again!


Don’t let injuries hold you back from achieving your goals. Our pre and post-race recovery packages are designed to support your body’s natural healing processes, so you can bounce back faster and stronger.

Recovery is key as you age to avoid a future or more serious injury.  Give back to the body when it gives to you

Setting you up for less injuries & more success

  • Reduce the risk of injuries. After gruelling events, games & races muscles are more prone to injury, especially as you age
  • Improved performance next time. Having both the body & mind in the right place is key, prime your body with the sufficient recovery post-event
  • Give back to the body. Give the body a chance to heal correctly so you can go again
  • Improve your stress capacity. Cold immersion makes you tougher, hard things are not so hard anymore

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