Float & Recovery

Floatation Therapy Single


Are you stressed out? Reset the body & mind with a float therapy session at SALT

A luxury float experience, a place where you can shut off from the world

1 x 60-minute Float Therapy Session

  • Each float session is fully private in your own suite
  • Chill out in our lounge afterwards, dry your hair, have a tea, relax
  • SALT provides everything you need including towels, slides, toiletries & private shower. No need even for a bathing suit

Your body will feel rested. Your mind will feel a sense of calm.


Floatation therapy, Float Therapy also known as sensory deprivation has been shown to help manage a variety of pain and disease conditions, including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it has been shown to promote better sleep and deep relaxation, enhance athletic performance and recovery, and boost your immune system.

Floating every few weeks to months can show a marked reduction in stress levels

See the benefits for yourself & book a float today

Bundles, private spa days & memberships available

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